Stand Number: 1564

The JGA Group

We provide Apprenticeships for Digital, Events and Professional Sectors.

• Digital Marketer Level 3
• Events Assistant Level 3
• Business Administrator Level 3
• Associate Project Manager - Level 4
• Property Maintenance Operative - Level 2
• Spectator Safety - Level 2 (NVQ)

The Levy is a tax that was introduced for businesses that have a payroll of more than £3m per annum. This means that an additional 0.5% of PAYE tax is put into a pot and utilised solely for Apprenticeships.

Organisations are able to use their Levy for internal training in the form of Apprenticeships within their business to recruit or upskill existing workforce. There is always the need to upskill new and existing staff. Very often it is difficult to find excellent candidates to complement existing workforces, the solution is to upskill existing staff. The Apprenticeship Levy provides a sustainable way to achieve this.

Apprenticeship Standards

All Apprenticeship Standards are available to view on the Institute for Apprenticeships website.* At The JGA Group, we offer a range of Apprenticeship Standards tailored to your needs.

If you cannot find a match, the Trailblazer mechanism enables you to get together with like-minded employers and create an Apprenticeship that perfectly suits your business and your industry.

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