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Superbrain is a 36 hour program that uses scientifically proven strategies to radically transform your mental efficiency.

It trains you to read 3x faster, process information better and remember any information you want instantly.

Superbrain also enhances your mental focus, productivity, organisation and presentation ability, allowing you to achieve the results you want faster and with ease.


The average employee spends at least 3 hours daily reading emails, websites, social media, research, updates, study material etc. Research shows that using traditional reading methods we forget up to 70% of everything we read within just 2 days.

We are taught how to read by the age of 5 and never further develop or tailor this technique to be able to process more complex information as we get older.

The result is that we read far slower than our brain`s actual ability. We get distracted while reading, our comprehension drops and we have to have to re-read information that we`ve just read. Additionally, despite our efforts we can`t be sure that we`ll remember what we`ve read.

The Superbrain program trains you to use a number of Super Reading techniques that you will use depending on your reading and learning goal - ensuring that you drastically increase your productivity and effectiveness while reading.

After just 36 hours of the Superbrain program you`ll be able to read 3x faster while maintaining or even increasing your comprehension. This will mean that you`ll be able to read your books, emails, papers and updates at a much faster pace, freeing up your time to more of what you love. And if you don`t read much, or don`t like reading, you`ll have the tools to be able to go through that list of books that you`ve always wanted to read easily and enjoyably.


Our brain can store 2.5 million gigabytes of data - that`s the equivalent of recording 300 years of a tv channel.

And yet we struggle to remember people`s names, things we just read, even where we left our keys.

If we think back to how much time and money we`ve spent on reading, learning and memorising things, such as books we`ve read, courses and training we`ve taken and compare it to just how much of it we can actually remember - we soon realise that traditional learning and memorisation methods are not effective.

Typical methods involve having to re-read information, highlight key terms, write them down and repeat what you`ve learnt. These methods take a lot of time, can be extremely challenging and boring, and more importantly don`t guarantee that you`ll be able to recall everything that you want to.

The Superbrain program trains you to use a number of Super Memory techniques that you will use to remember anything you want quickly, easily and without the need for repetition, ensuring that you greatly improve your mental efficiency and productivity.

After just 36 hours of the Superbrain program you`ll be able to apply the Super Memory techniques to learn new languages in just a few month, learn people`s names and their details immediately while talking with them, memorise the key concepts of all the books you read, and remember codes, numbers and other type of abstract information effortlessly.


The average employee is productive for just 2 hours and 53 minutes out of a typical full working day. Additionally, research shows that employees lose up to 25 minutes each time they respond to an email or message due to being distracted from their core work.

In a fast paced society, being focused on what we are doing is key to getting things done, and done well.

Being stressed or distracted both contribute to lowering our focus and reducing our productivity.

The Superbrain program trains you to use Super Focus techniques that will allow you to improve your focus and concentration therefore enhancing your results.

After just 36 hours of the Superbrain program you`ll be able to maintain a high level of focus even in the most challenging situations, you`ll be able to activate your full level of concentration and attention even in distracting environments, and to perform under pressure while lowering your stress. You`ll also be able to take exams and tests with an enhanced and optimum mindset ensuring the desired results.


We now live in an era of information overload. 31% of workers claim that email alone has lead to a worsening of the quality of their life.

Whether it's information consumed from books, emails, websites, podcasts, company or industry updates, research papers or even social media, one thing is for sure, there is a vast amount of information constantly around us, some useful and some not so much. Being able to process the information we come across, quickly and effectively is critical to being able to manage our time, motivation and mental health.

Reading at speed through your workload isn`t enough, extracting the important concepts and details is. Being knowledgeable means that you have access to the right information and can access and apply what you know effectively.

The Superbrain program trains you to use Super Processing techniques that will allow you to take in information more deeply and thoroughly and also be able to reproduce and articulate whats in your mind orally or through the written word.

After just 36 hours of the Superbrain program you`ll be able to read, watch or listen to any information and be able to process with deeper quality and effectiveness. You`ll be able to organise your ideas, projects and manage your teams.


Research suggests that as much as 75% of people have public speaking anxiety and this reluctance to present to groups of people can have a significant impact on one`s career, attributing to around an astonishing 10% reduction on their salaries compared to their counterparts who are comfortable speaking in public.

Whether you`re a student, professional or business owner, being able to communicate effectively is crucial in being able to excel in your chosen field. Dealing more effectively with people and teams that you are around and presenting to potential clients is highly dependent on your ability to deliver your message effectively.

The Superbrain program trains you to be more natural and organic in your approach. By allowing you to lower your stress levels, remain more focused, knowing that you remember 100% of exactly what you want to say - you`ll feel and look more confident resulting in a far greater delivery of the message you wish to get across.

After just 36 hours of the Superbrain program you will speak more confidently in public, hold presentations knowing that you remember exactly what you want to say, remain focused even through distractions.


Our free tasters offer you an opportunity to learn more about how our brain currently functions, how it`s actually designed to, and the benefits that you will receive from activating your Superbrain. At the taster session you`ll also find out about the Superbrain program and be able to take advantage of some great promotions.

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