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The nerdy, friendly and smart solution for SME IT support here in London.

Lucidica was created as a start-up in the Metropolitan Uni accelerator in 1995, and since then we have grown into a team of just under 30 staff split between London (that very same building!) and our office in Kiev. Our nerdy nature combined with a culture of young fun, entrepreneurial spirit and rewards, we actively nurture an environment of trust and comfort around things that all too often cause some of the most stress in a company.

We hire only the best of the best with our engineers and developers, so we are your first stop when it comes to anything IT. But IT support is only the tip of the iceberg, A full list of our services are:

-IT Support
- Manager Services
- Cyber Security & Data Protection Support
- Web Development & maintenance
- Hardware supply & support
- Managed Licensing Services

Given that we started as a small scale start-up ourselves, we are very keen on young and fresh business! This is why we will be bringing our new sister company Meeko along with us as well!
Meeko specializes in the process of hiring and employing developers and other tech professionals across the way in kiev. Developers are around 60% cheaper to hire in kiev, but many companies struggle with offshoring due to the lack of boots on the ground. Not only will Meeko go through the hiring process with you, but give you a usable office space where your developers can work surrounded by other industry professionals.
Your developer doesn't know how to fix an issue? Good thing she is surrounded by 6 others who may! So if you're in need of a developer, it's in your best interest to come to find Meeko.

Find us on the day or visit our website to find out how we can show you how IT is meant to be done.

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