Stand Number: 1450

Women Unlimited

Leadership and training company for female leaders, entrepreneurs & changemakers.

Launched in 2008 Women Unlimited is a leading training company supporting female leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers across the UK.

We work with both individuals and organisations to support the growth and development of women who want to lead others and increase their influence and impact.

We believe that gender parity is the way forward and fully support any initiatives to increase the number of women entrepreneurs and in senior and executive level positions. But we also believe that the change begins with us. With women.

We are our own heroes in our own story and it is only through stepping up, speaking up, and taking action that we will achieve the results that we wish to see.

The world of work is changing and expectations are changing. There is a new paradigm in leadership that supports female leadership style (and it is proven that more women on boards results in higher profits).

We work with women who want more for themselves, their careers and the future. Come visit us on Stand 1844, we would love to chat with you.