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StreetCred Ltd

While traditional credit checks are great they only cover one thing; how well a business manages their repayments to banks and lenders. They don`t tell you anything about how they interact with the local business community or even if there are problems ahead.
In the UK an estimated 17,243 companies entered insolvency in 2017, a rise of 4.2% on the year before, StreetCred is specifically designed to identify these companies early and inform you of the risk if you or your business partners trade with them.
Our CrowdSourced Credit Scoring concept will drastically reduce the risk of doing business in today's market place. Mark your invoices as paid on time, late or not at all and we will calculate a score based on how promptly companies have paid other members of the business community and warn you if multiple members report not being paid by a company you do business with.
You can also share your hard earned StreetCred Score on your website and social media to promote new business with partners that share your passion for outstanding service.

Credit where it`s due

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