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Reduce your purchasing costs by using Eprocurex Spend analysis software.

Spend analysis, simply put, is a process, which involves analysis of the enterprise purchases and invoices, in an effort to find opportunities to curb maverick and unmanaged spend. In turn, it provides insights to better supplier negotiations, compliance adherence and better sense of the demand and pricing.

Does your business have full visibility of how much is being spent, what is being procured and from whom across your organisation? Very few organisation`s do, yet without clear and reliable spend visibility your procurement function is:

-Missing savings and efficiency opportunities
-Unable to change buying behaviour
-Losing control and strategic oversight of spend

Eprocurex Spend Analytics enables you to get an accurate picture of how much is spent, on what, with whom and by whom through a robust, managed data transformation process and easy to use analytical tools. This enables you to manage your spend effectively and strategically to help:

-Reduce costs
-Improving efficiency
-Increase compliance
-Enable strategic sourcing

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