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International Corporate Creations Ltd

ICC can add value to your company through international expansion. Whether it's by setting up your own international operation, exporting, outsourcing, or researching, expanding your horizons internationally can add both short and long term value to almost any company. It can be easier and cheaper than you think. It can increase your profits quickly. It can increase the valuation of your company when you come to want to divest it.
Not sure if it's for you? Interested, but can't decide when, where or how? Come to Stand 230 and meet our Internatoinal Expansion specialist, Oliver Dowson, and ask all the questions you want.
Oliver also features in many videos and podcasts and writes many articles. On our stand you can also meet the teams behind them.
GoUpSpace has come to the UK as a specialist social media production company, geared specifically to helping SMEs harness the opportunities that the new technologies bring.
SupaPass makes branded all-in-one content apps for businesses and influencers, with state-of-the-art technology for a fraction of the cost and time of building bespoke, with a powerful instant mobile and web app solution.
Even if you're not ready for international expansion, you''ll find that GoUpSpace and SupaPass could really help your business.

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