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De-novo Consultants Limited

De-novo Consultants work with business owners to help them think differently about their business, to plan for growth and to identify areas of the business that are not performing.

It`s easy for a business to stagnate, get stuck or feel like it`s about to run out of steam. Perhaps your business started with a huge fanfare but now it`s lost its fizzle amid strong competition. Maybe the business processes you set up are no longer suitable. Could it be that business growth means you`ve lost sight of your core customers?

As a business owner it can often be difficult to see things clearly. You might know that your business isn`t working at its best but you can`t quite put your finger on why. By listening to you I can unravel the issues and problems - as well as any unseen opportunities - and bring clarity to the situation. I`ll then work closely with you to plan and implement changes to breathe new life into your business.

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