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Zija International

Our story begins with one man viewing a documentary about a tree grown in far away lands. His interest piqued as he observed people being sustained by consuming small amounts of this `miracle tree`, which is being called `the most nutrient-rich plant ever discovered.` This man was Ken Brailsford, a pioneer in the nutritional supplement industry, the `Father of Herbal Encapsulation`, and the Founder of Zija International.

Ken began asking the right questions and learning as much as he could from scientists, biochemists and pharmacologists the world over. The result is Zija`s collection of Moringa-based products including liquid nutritionals, natural energy drinks, a weight management system, and a line of skin care products. Each of these products contains Moringa's 90+ vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits. Since launching in 2005, Zija International has expanded its product offering into four product lines: Core Moringa Supplements, Améo Essential Oils, GenM Personal Care, and Ripstix Fitness Supplements.

An essential oil is a naturally-produced liquid obtained from the roots, flowers, fruit, bark, stems and other elements of a botanical. Améo has searched the world for the greatest that nature has to offer and the results is our exclusive line of high-quality, beneficial essential oils.

Ripstix Supplements have revolutionized the way that people work out, stay active, and push their limits time and time again. They`ve been carefully formulated to help you keep your drive alive with the energy and nutrients needed before, during and after your workout.

Because everyone wants to look and feel their very best, Zija`s team of scientists, nutritionists and beauty experts has teamed up with Mother Nature to look at how proper skin, body and hair care can assist in a more natural way. The result is GenM, our cutting-edge and natural line of personal care products featuring Moringa oleifera, nature`s most diverse and nutrient-packed botanical. GenM is bridging the generation gap to give health, wellness and beauty back to the masses.

All of Zija's unique and beneficial products, as well as our business opportunity, are changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Zija International currently operates in 50+ countries globally. Our "Life Unlimited" mantra and company culture which is based on health and nutrition, personal development, financial freedom, and an active lifestyle shapes the way that we and our global family of Independent Distributors shares the Zija message on a daily basis.

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