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Harbour Club

The founder of the Harbour Club - Jeremy Harbour

Jeremy is a Singapore-based entrepreneur with a truly global focus, owning investments in 12 countries and having bought and sold over 100 firms, and advised on around 200 more.He lectures all over the world on the subject of SME mergers and acquisitions, with a focus on distressed and motivated acquisitions. Has coached people from numerous large organisations including Moore Stevens, KPMG, Tesco and Microsoft on how to buy small to medium-sized companies. Jeremy is also Shareholder and Advisory Director for The Mint National Bank and recognised as a DBS Business Class advisor.Jeremy was Coutts Entrepreneur of the Year runner-up three times, he was on the fundraising committee of The Prince`s Trust, has been invited to Buckingham Palace and Parliament in the UK to advise on matters of business and enterprise, and has been written about in the Sunday Times, Financial Times, and numerous other publications.

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