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Fly By Media AS & Pointmedia AS

Fly By Media & Pointmedia are taking the trip from Norway to show some of the latest technology within AR and VR. This new technology is revolutionising the way products are marketed and sold in Scandinavia.

Fly By Media is one of the leading marketing agencys who utilise this new technology. Everyone may have heard about digital marketing; the latest trend is called interactive marketing and includes AR used by Facebook, Snapchat, to name a few. The reason why we call it interactive marketing is that clients today expect to be able to interact with new products in a whole different way than before.

Holopipe is the latest in AR technology and lets you display your products/inventory with a simple click on your phone.
Would you like your customers to have the opportunity to see how your products look in their own home?
It is the new reality one can create with AR technology in digital marketing and AR can be adapted to most industries. Augmented Reality (AR) combines graphics and sound to give your customers an experience that creates relationship, trust and sales.
The goal of augmented reality is to engage customers through an experience. Your products are placed right in front of the customer, so they feel they can examine, look at and test the products. Fly By Media is an established media agency in Norway that specialises in marketing using cutting edge technology. We already have satisfied companies in the real estate industry who are using AR daily.

Holopipe was picked up recently by Google, who called out of the blue and said "we've been following you guys, and we love what you do. We want to front Holopipe when Google play gets lanched on the Chinese market."

Pointmedia were recently invited to Munich to test Microsofts newest AR glasses - Hololens 2 and is viewed as one of the leading companies in Europe regarding AR technology.

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