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The Accounts Shop

Improve Profitability - Through Bespoke Regular Accounts Information
★ What drives the profitability of your business?
★ Forecast and cashflow to reflect your business strategy?
★ Use regular management information to make the better business decisions
★ Set up reporting to reflect business needs

The Accounts Shop has been delivering value to our clients for 17 years. We bring clarity, rigour, experience and innovation. We deliver improved profits.

The Accounts Shop offers a `one stop` accounts function tailored to your requirements. We work with clients ranging from sole traders to companies with turnover in excess of £20m. It is a quality service giving reliable information which can be used to make management decisions on a timely basis.

✅Our service is set up to be flexible, so as your business changes our service will change with you; which means you only pay for the services you have asked for.
✅Whatever the size of your organisation we provide the right level of service within your budget.
✅We will agree a schedule with you so that we can give you timely information every month.
✅We will plan the reporting with you so that the information you receive is relevant to your business and helps you to make informed decisions in your business on a timely basis.
✅If you want assistance with any other administrative task we will always try to find a way to help you out.
✅Ultimately we can provide you with an `accounts office` which gives you the time to focus on your business.

House builder, strategy consultant, IT consultant, software developer, recruitment, telecommunications, furniture design, drinks manufacturer, water importer, power supplies designer and developer, wine warehouse, insurance broker, restaurant, retail shop, hotel and estate agent.

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