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Having been on both sides of the corporate fence, I have realised that the administration around sole traders & small companies is very different to that of the corporate accounting world I originally trained in.

The world has changed, everything is becoming more and more virtual and the actual accounts submission process is a 10 minute job (as long as you know what you are doing.)

However, in an ever changing tax and technology environment, what people really need is advice that is tailored to their individual situation, bookkeeping guidance and / or preparation and some direction on the accounting processes involved in setting up and running any small business / sole trader / Personal Services Company / LTD company etc.

With much of the submission process now being done solely online, our service is as much about being organised on these various ever changing online platforms - as it is about the correct calculations for these accounting submissions.

Whether its the HMRC or Companies House filings, monthly reporting of sales and expenses or advice on which allowances to take advantage of (on a LTD company or individual / sole trader basis), this is what we do. It is also helpful to have someone to call if you have a query. Someone that can explain things in a common sense perspective and at the same time is not conflicted in this conversation by pushing you towards products that you may not even need. This happens much more than people even realise.

For example, a firm might tell you that you need a Company Secretary. Why? You do not. This legal requirement for Limited Liability Companies was shelved OVER 10 YEARS AGO!

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